Monday, August 29, 2011

We're Gettin' Out the Slide Projector

So you never got to show your neighbors those fabulous photos of your nature trip to the Australian Outback? Well, even if your trip was only "outback" on grandma's farm, Water's Edge wants to see your photos!

Send us your favorite pictures and/or videos of you enjoying/experiencing nature! We are celebrating the Season of Creation and want our Water’s Edge friends to participate.

What’s the Season of Creation? You’ve probably heard of some of the “seasons” in the Christian year: Advent (Christmas), Epiphany, Lent and Easter. Each of these seasons celebrates the life of Christ; Pentecost celebrates the Holy Spirit; and now, the newly designed “The Season of Creation” celebrates the Creator God. This provides an opportunity to remember our kinship with Earth and the creatures of Earth.

We have a different theme for each of the four Sundays in September:

September 4 1st Sunday in Creation – Forest Sunday
September 11 2nd Sunday in Creation – Land Sunday
September 18 3rd Sunday in Creation – Outback Sunday
September 25 4th Sunday in Creation – River Sunday

Please send us some of your favorite moments in nature… either pictures or video… and we’ll share them in Water’s Edge various services.

Thank you for participating. This is a new “season” at Water’s Edge and we’re looking forward to exploring it together.

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Anonymous said...

Kim - Great idea - the Cove is all set up to be interactive and visual, good luck on your slides for creation... I'm in. Fred