Monday, March 05, 2012

Get These Things Out of Here!: Clearing Our Most Costly Clutter

Jesus was not what they expected. That's what I'm learning. Both of our scripture selections for this week in Lent remind us how radical and revolutionary Jesus' life, death and resurrection really were and are.

As you read 1 Corinthians, keep in mind that those who were following Jesus while he lived were following a leader who had to be crucified to save. Most expected a savior who would overthrow governments physically and literally, not philisophically.

And in John, that memorable tantrum in the temple, Jesus had the guts to take on the religious leadership on their own turf, proclaiming that he would tear down one temple and become THE temple himself. The rage in that scene in the temple is palpable. And we're going to borrow a page form Jesus' life this Sunday as we share the 'things' that outrage us and whip our own world into shape.

Where are the areas that need to be cleaned out as Jesus cleared the temple? What would you like to wind up and toss out the window? Bring those thoughts with you on Sunday and we'll offer it all up in prayer... an empowering, "RID ME OF THIS" style of prayer that is (practically) guaranteed to help you feel lighter as you leave.

Any injustice or unrighteiousness in your world or the larger world-in-general is fair game at Water's Edge. What is weighing you down? What is happening in our world that makes you so angry you could scream? And when was the last time you got to raise your voice in church?

We'll see you at the clean and toss on Sunday! In the meantime, kepp reading your Lenten devotionals. That ought to provide some calm and balance! ;-)