Sunday, August 28, 2011

An Invitation to the Good Stuff


That's the best way to describe today's gathering at Water's Edge: yum! From scripture selection to baptism to the sermon, the main message centered on the deliciousness of what it means to follow Jesus... to leave behind our lives as we knew them and follow His lead into this new way of living.

Rev. Molly's sermon wove together a scrumptious picture of ancient scriptures by using very relatable imagery - specifically dark chocolate, her favorite.

( Click here to read about a completely chocolate hotel room created by Godiva!)

You know when you're craving a certain something... such as good chocolate... but you grab what is nearby to fulfill your momentary hunger? How satisfying is that? Halfway through the nasty, no-name chocolate bar, you realize, "Ugh! This is not what I wanted! Wish I'd gone for the good stuff."

When we follow Jesus, we're reaching for the Good Stuff. And He promises that when we feast at His table, we will be sated.

In Isaiah 55, (this week's scripture), we are reminded that this invitation to follow Jesus is extended to everyone. Yep. Everyone. Even your annoying neighbor. And that mean kid from high school. Rev. Molly explained why this open invitation works: because we have the power of transformation when we take this journey together. When we feast together, everyone is invited to "... eat what is good, and let your soul delight itself in fatness- the profuseness of spiritual joy (Amplified)."

Like I said, yum!!!


PS- More to come on Lucy's baptism. We'll post pictures.

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