Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More Than You Asked For... Part 2

Dear ones!

Our friend and fearless leader, Rev. Molly, returns to Water's Edge this week after leading all three services in the Sanctuary last Sunday. Many thanks to Rev. Elbert for helping ignite our passion for the Advent Season (we almost had a real fire when one of the altar candles got a little too happy).

Nancy and Mark Palmer lit our first advent candle: expectation, leading us in a tradition that we will continue each week for the season. If you are interested in lighting a candle, contact kedwards@fumcsd.org

"More Than You Asked for..." is the church-wide theme for this advent. Last Sunday we gathered ideas from the congregation at Water's Edge regarding what YOU are asking for. We received some positive feedback on our "list" of things or gifts concepts/ideas and this Sunday, we'll have that list compiled for all to see and share. We'll add to it those things that you wish for OTHERS.

This week, our advent study continues with some relatively somber scriptures as we are concentrating on 'waiting,' preparing the way of the Lord. Other portions of the season will focus on the more joyous birth of Christ and celebrating/anticipating/preparing for His coming.

Rev. Molly posed this question in our weekly meeting, "What am I spending my time on that is 'preparing the way of the Lord?'" We'll take up that discussion as well as take a look at the invitation God issues in this week's scripture.

If you're interested in knowing more about advent - especially the part about waiting -- visit this site featuring the arch Bishop of Canterbury... a quiet but well-shared lesson about some of our traditions.

Be thinking about your Wishes for Others and come ready, as always, to share at WE!

See you Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

As we wait to prepare the way, the season's focus could be on giving. Gifts of our time, smiles, or words can be done each day on our way toward understanding the hope of Christmas. This week I'll keep an eye on the candles of Advent as well as those on the altar while listening to the great Cove music. Jazz & dancing optional?! Fred