Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More Than You Asked for...

Happy Holidays All!

Time to start your engines because this season is going to be short and power-packed. Even though we will have barely digested our turkey and cranberry sauce, we will be kicking off the Advent Season on Sunday.

Advent means many different things to each one of us and we will explore those thoughts and feelings. But this year, the church-wide "theme" for the season is "More than you asked for..." That can be good and that can be cause for pause. Maybe it means you get more of the best stuff you've ever wanted in life: happiness, love, laughter, serenity, understanding... It can also mean more of the stuff you might not have realized comes with your wishes: responsibility, decision-making, leadership... The list goes on!

Speaking of lists, that's exactly what we're going to do for prayer time this week. We'll fashion a way for you to come forward and share your wishes and thoughts on paper. What would you like to have "more than you asked for..."? (We're thinking intangible but if you really want a red Ferrari, no one's going to judge!)

Rev. Elbert will be preaching (Rev. Molly is in the sanctuary 8. 9:30, 11am) and leading us through what can be some tough scripture readings. But, as always, his insight and passion for the Bible will shine though and Advent 1 at Water's Edge will unwrap a season of great love and hope for all of us.

See you Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

So, the best way to attend FUMC this week would be: 8:00 to hear Molly, 9:30 to be with Elbert, and 11:00 to take in the Jazz guys ... a wonderful way to start Advent with Music & Dancing with friends! - Fred