Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Advent 3: Joy!!!

Dear Ones!

The third Sunday in Advent is all about pink! The pink candle which reminds us of the Joy brought to Earth by the Christ Child's birth.

Truly, I can't think of a better color to represent JOY. My precious little niece, Grace Mae, is starting to out-grow her 'everything pink is perfection' phase and it's killin' me! I love that she loves pink. The joy she brings into my world is framed perfectly by her passion for pink! Her favorite book is (was) Pinkalicious, for Halloween she dressed as Super Girl (who wears pink) and last Christmas, she had a pink tree in her room, covered in pink ornaments. But, alas, she has discovered navy blue is fabulous too!

As we prepare to light the third candle in advent, JOY, we have an opportunity to shift our focus a bit. If you've been at Water's Edge the past couple weeks, or are following the advent lectionary on your own, you know that our scripture readings have been... well, let's just say the scriptures have not exactly painted a rosy (another word for pink) glow of Christmas tidings around the good news of Christ's birth. They have been a tad more somber than we're used to at advent.

Back in the day... advent season was much longer and the focus leaned more toward repentance and penitence... a time for reflecting, followed - eventually - by a time of joy and celebrating the birth. In our modern times, we tend to focus more on the birth and the great news of Jesus' coming. And because this week celebrates the lighting of the (pink) joy candle, we will shift gears, to celebration. Even the Isaiah scriptures follow suit, replacing ashes with garlands and mourning with gladness.

Our ongoing prayer list -- "More than you asked for..." -- continues as well. During our first week, we prayed for our own concerns; last week, for others; and this week, we will concentrate on praying for More for the church... Our fourth week will be devoted to prayers for the World.

Put on your thinking caps and prepare for a stimulating, thought-provoking and JOYOUS Sunday.

See you soon!

PS- aren't you glad I didn't write this blog blurb in pink?

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Anonymous said...

Would it be possible for the women attending Water's Edge all wear their "Think Pink" t-shirts or at least pink blouses or t-shirts? Would this bring anymore joy to Kim?