Thursday, September 09, 2010

What we're about

I'm really looking forward to the next three weeks: we're going to spend them thinking about what we're all about.

I've been thinking and praying on this for much of the summer--I have the sense that something special is happening at the Water's Edge, and that we're called to grow in new ways. But, before we can talk about any external changes, we've gotta get clear on what we're about.

So, in reflection and in talking with some of you, I've come up with three things that are at the heart of our mission: welcoming everyone, sharing Christ and changing (ourselves and the world). Each week, over the next three weeks, we'll think about one of those ideas in worship. Afterwards, at 11, we'll have some extra time to reflect and dream on these ideas together, too. I hope you'll come, and that you'll stay for the discussion at 11, too.

This week, we're talking about welcoming. And I don't mean that lame kind of welcome that's like: anyone is welcome to come as long as they want to do things our way. I mean the kind of prodigal hospitality that might make us rearrange our plans. I mean the kind of welcome that leaves no one in the corner, wondering if they belong.

This week, we're reading from Matthew's gospel, about Jesus' answer to the disciples query about how to be the greatest. He surprises them, I suppose, with instruction to be like children. Humble. Invisible, even.

Then, we're also reading from Romans--some of my favorite verses in that book, with a tough list of expectations for those of us who want to follow Christ. It turns out that as soon as we find ourselves welcomed into God's salvation, we're expected to live differently, daringly in the world. This is good stuff.

So, I hope to see you Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

... and the incredible gaze back into your eyes when you tell a child an idea that causes them to think rather than react is so wonderful your eyes tear up as they ponder how to define what is needed or why this is important - it is not an obstacle but a door that opens when you smile a yes... . Fred