Thursday, September 23, 2010

breaking the mold

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This Sunday, we finish our 3-week journey through the core mission of our worship. We welcome everyone. We share Christ. And we change--ourselves and the world.

As I have been getting ready for Sunday, I've been moved by Martin Luther King, Jr's sermon on one of the scripture passages we're using this week, Romans 12:1-8. In "Transformed Nonconformist" (which, incidentally, is available here on Google Books, as chapter 3 of a sermon collection), MLK calls us to live lives intentionally out-of-step with the majority in our world, and in-step with the amazing work of God's kingdom, which is coming into our world.

Jesus was always doing that kind of thing--catching people off-guard with his new way of life. Fighting against expectations and powers, he carves out a new way of living. And dying.

Which means this "change" we're called to is also a kind of challenge--a challenge against to status quo and for a new way of living.

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Anonymous said...

Why does the triple evil of "poverty, racism, and war" continue to be beaten into American culture each day via corporate media? Why not look through the eyes of a child; question/seek the truth amongst the misleading headlines; be out of step a little each day?... Fred