Tuesday, August 10, 2010

walking on water

According to YouTube, "walking on water" has been replaced by "liquid mountaineering." (It's worth a click...) And if we believe what we see there, under the right conditions, it could be possible for any of us.

I do have to say, though, that I think this whole thing misses the point. As, of course, does the comedic version of King Herod in Jesus Christ Superstar, who asks Jesus to walk across his swimming pool to prove he's special.

When Jesus walked on water, it was never about showing off his savior cred. It had more to do, I suspect, with his habit of going to the places where there's deep water, lots of wind, fear and uncertainty. There, where things get deep, he reminds the disciples to let go of their fear. And he gets in the boat with them. What an assuring image: Jesus, with us in the midst of deep stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Exactly - we need leaders who bring out our best with kindness and hope. Its good to be unique like we all are, but we're so much more alike than different. We can't all run on water, but we can smell plumeria, taste home grown tomatoes, and laugh with a friend today. Aloha, Fred