Monday, October 03, 2011

Feelin' Like a "Bag O' Bones?" Join Us!

The dark illumination to the left is from the Saint John's Bible.

Look at it.

No. Really look at it.

There is a CAR in this Bible! (Two, in fact. You just can't see the other here). This is not your long-gone Granny's Bible. This Bible is for You.

This is a contemporary take on a classic story. The committee and artist who crafted the Saint John's Bible have provided their "take," and we'll share that below, but first, let's find out what this says to you.

Hearing and seeing what God is saying to you is one of the key hopes of the creators of the Saint John's exhibit. What does the Bible say to each individual through the illuminations?

This week, the entire church is moving into week #2 of the Saint John's Bible tribute. At Water's Edge, Rev. Molly says she will be concentrating on the Ezekiel passage. Here's what it says to her: "This passage emphasizes that, even when hope feels as far away from you as a pile of dried up bones is from a vibrant life, God comes into that hopelessness and pieces us/it back together again."

Union Tribune religion reporter, Karla Peterson, wrote an article regarding the month-long display in Trotter Chapel. Karla describes the Ezekiel piece as a "stunning print featuring both a dark tangle of bones, skulls and wrecked cars and a brilliant blur of rainbows and golden menorahs."

And in the article, Rev. Elbert explained what the illumination says to him. “In the midst of tragedy, there is hope and light here before us. This is the message we preach, that there is hope in the world. This is what I just love.”

So, look again. Any thoughts? Feelings?

I see the bones and mangled mess we humans are apt to make of life. And I have had moments when I feel as far from God and hope as a bunch of dried up ol' bones. But, His word always brings me back. And as He told Ezekiel, surely He tells us: "I will cause breath to enter you, and you shall live." And again, "I will put my spirit within you, and you shall live." In this illumination, that spirit, for me, is shown in the rainbow explosion at the top of the illumination.

What about you? Please visit the Saint John's Bible exhibit! I promise you will not be disappointed. Saturday's from 10 am - 4pm and Sundays 10 - 2m to 2pm, or weekdays by appointment. Call 619-475-6628.

View. Take in. Experience. Ponder your interpretation of the illuminations. As the director of the project told the Union Trib reporter, "Don’t worry about having someone tell you what it means. Make it mean something for yourself.”

P.S. If you still want to know what the "official" Saint John's word is on the Valley of Dry Bones illumination, check this out. Author Susan Sink explains in the viewer's guidebook.

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Anonymous said...

There are events that happen which remind us of the dangers in our world yet each morning we can rise with a renewed hope in our hearts when we realize we are not alone. We can use our boney arms to reach out to others and take us on little missionary drives; the choice is ours. Fred