Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Are You on the Barren Path? Or in the Rocks? Thorns? Good Soil?

Our scripture study for this week is based on one of the many parables Jesus told in his teachings, one you likely know well... which we will read three times at Water's Edge (more on that later).

The scripture is the parable of the sower, again, paired with the corresponding illumination in the Saint John's Bible. The picture shows a modern Savior, a Jesus in Jeans, sowing seeds across four variations of land: a path, rocky, thorny, and good soil.

Rev. Molly is out of town so Rev. Richard Smith will be preaching, or, as he put it, "Lead Listener." Why "listener?" Because we are going to employ some of the tools from "lectio and visio divina" to explore and understand the text and the illumination.

"It's a process," explains Richard. "Listen to the text with new ears. See the illuminated text with new eyes. And open a prayerful dialogue with God through scripture."

Consider this: back in the day, most early Christians could not read, so they had to "get" the word through aural delivery. They had to hear it and digest it to interpret it for themselves. That is one step in our three step process. We will read. We will listen. We will look.

As you look at the Sower illumination (click here for a more indepth analysis), consider this:

- What grabs you the most?
- After relating to the illumination or text, what would your prayers be?
- What is this scripture asking of you?

Rev. Richard will explain in more detail on Sunday, but it will be a nice time for personal reflection within a community in communication with God...

We will also be handing out bibles to the kids who have reached that age and will wrap up with a visit from our missionaries. A busy Sunday!

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