Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Land Ho!

As we head into our second week in the Season of Creation, we're leaving the forest and heading out to explore "the LAND, the soil and land creatures."

The particularly cute "creature" in the picture above is Marion Hart's son, at home in the garden, enjoying the soil! Thanks for sharing, Marion! And to all of you who sent photos, many thanks.

Do you have any favorite memories of land? Maybe it's the land that your favorite school sits on? Or memories of a special hide-away you built as a kid? Land, soil, Earth - the connection can provide stability and calm in so many ways.

When they were young women, my great aunts joined their father and "homesteaded" in the great land rush in Oklahoma in the late 1800s. Even though I grew up in California, I love the idea of being connected to that land.

Maybe it's because I'm Irish, but I adore that scene in Gone with the Wind when Gerald O'Hara promised Tara plantation to Scarlett: "Land is the only thing that lasts..." he said.

And, eventually, even Scarlett O'Hara set aside her vanity and recognized the the power of that land and of going home.

Connecting the land back to its Creator God, our creator, is our Season of Creation journey for this week. So, come on back to the Water's Edge... come home...

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