Friday, December 31, 2010

a late night resolution

With the little time left before 2011 arrives, I find myself thoughtfully making lists. Lists of the many things that need to get done next week before my seminary applications are due (yikes!). Lists of things I should have done in the past year, or just sometime before today. Lists of things I hope to do before the end of next year. Of all these, I'm having the most trouble coming up with my list of resolutions. Typically, resolution making is something I enjoy- picturing how my life will be better in the year to come if I live by a new set of "rules." But this year is different.

I'm usually a fan of the "eat less, exercise more, save money..." type of resolutions. And, although those are all things I probably should do, I'm finding them a little hollow this year. Maybe it's because I'm riding an incredibly powerful advent wave that helped me keep focused on the spiritual side of this season. Or maybe I'm just ready to add some depth to my vision of a "better life." Either way, I'm feeling challenged to (in the next few minutes) make some God-centered resolutions.

This Sunday, as we celebrate Epiphany, we'll look at the story of the wise men, and their gifts to a newborn Christ. The new year will soon rush in, and with it come countless new opportunities for us to offer ourselves, and our own gifts to God. I pray that through resolution making, we may each seek to deepen our faith, and offer what we can to God in 2011. May we find new joy and strength in doing so.

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Anonymous said...

2011: I resolve to simplify a fairly straight forward life. And organize some really messy rooms. And listen more intently when others talk. -- I wish you terrific applications & enjoyable employment opportunities... Fred