Monday, December 06, 2010


Here are are in the midst of Advent; for a season that's supposedly (at least in our churchy circles) about waiting, I feel like things are flying by.Which is, maybe, why I'm still hungry for Advent this year. I want to pause from busyness and take time to focus on the things I'm really hungry for: justice for all people, hope for situations that seem impossible like immigration reform, our financial systems, local schools.

This Advent, we've been making a holy icon out of your junk mail advertising from the holiday season. I like the simple subversion embodied in taking time to dismantle the mail, find useful bits inside, and paste them into something beautiful. I can't wait to post it as it comes together...

I hope you'll join us in worship as we do all this. I believe it's important. Holy, event.

See you Sunday?


p.s. This advent poem from the Iona Community in Scotland has been a favorite of mine for the past several years--maybe you'll find it helpful, too.


Anonymous said...

Exactly - this is the perfect time of year to remove darkness and reveal new dimensions of social justice between family, friends, and communities. Where hope lives, eyes see and need truth. Happy Advent - Fred

Anonymous said...

This advent season, babies are especially special.