Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trinity Sunday

This Sunday, we celebrate Trinity Sunday--an occasion for remembering and honoring our God who exists in relationship from the beginning.

Holy Trinity
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We'll read from Proverbs 8, in which we hear the voice of holy Wisdom, calling out to us in the middle of the city. She beautifully describes how she was the first thing birthed from God, and how she was at his side as the whole creation was crafted. And, the best part: she and God delighted in creation, together.

It's so much better to share things with others than to keep them to ourselves, isn't it?

Many interpret this character--holy Wisdom--as being the same that the Gospel of John describes with the name "Word." With God from the beginning, God's Word becomes flesh in Jesus Christ.

We give thanks for a God who's always been in relationship--who's being is interrelationship in the holy trinity.

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offbeatpoet said...

Wisdom is an entirely different entity than the the "Word made flesh," to me. I think our use of logic to explain the unseen world is a fallacy. There are a multitude of spirits good and evil and they have gone no where and wait for judgement day. Our adherence to the rules of science to presuade members in the field of science of the truth of the word has limited our understanding of things divine. I can not see the wind but I know it exists. The more humanity stumbles for knowledge of the physical universe our spirituality suffers. Overtime, spirituality in humanity will become non-existent and that is the darkness I do not want to see for humanity.