Tuesday, May 11, 2010

left behind

First off, an apology: this dear blog has been too often left behind in our worship preparations lately. I'm sorry.

But, it's been a fine time at the Water's Edge in this Season of Easter, as we follow stories of the earliest church through the acts of the apostles (in the book of Acts, appropriately enough) and as we listen to the Revelation of John. Each has told wild stories: healings, conversions, end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it kind of stuff.

The lion came to take it's throne, and turned out to be a lamb, undoing our whole system of expectations and challenging the idea of what's powerful in our world (and beyond).

Agnus Dei
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We have one more week of this wild stuff. And it's a perfect time to pray and discern about a vision for our own time and place. As we dream of what God is calling us to, as a congregation together in this place and time, I trust that something remarkable will become possible, and ask you to be in prayer and discernment with me.

I believe that something special is happen at the Water's Edge--our community is rich, with a diversity of people who seek to follow the world-changing, life-transforming way of Jesus Christ. We have something to offer this world in need.

I encourage you to pray about what God is inviting us to next--how we're called to change or grow or strengthen ourselves as we seek to be faithful, together.

And then join in conversation--comment here, talk to each other, talk to me, talk to our planning team... We'll be blessed by your participation!

This week, Rev. Elbert is preaching, and we'll get all the way to the end of Revelation. We trust it'll be good. ;)

See you Sunday.


Anonymous said...

I have been challenged this week to think of Vision. Your message Molly was timely for I am finding myself in the midst of vision transformation as I think about what God has in store for my own personal vision. Thanks for your message this week. I have been in events all week that have also caused me to stop and think about the Church. I have spent some time with David Kinnaman this week who has written a book entitled, UnChristian... It is an interesting look at how the Church is perceived by non-Christians. As I sit in the space between Sunday and today, my thoughts for "vision" spill over into this deep canyon of emotions.... I will continue to hold this space for now and pray for you Molly, Waters Edge and all of those who I see finding faith at The Cove...

offbeatpoet said...

I have missed the thoughts from the virtual cove. [They are more informative than the facebook updates] Glad to see a new post. Moreover, I like seeing the cove radiating with the energy of the Holy Spirit as I skip towards the big room, with the traditionalist. Have a good communion with God this sunday.