Wednesday, July 05, 2006

strength and weakness

In this week's text, 2 Corinthians 12:2-10, Paul talks about "boasting" of his weakness.

"For whenever I am weak, then I am strong," he says.

Weakness keeps me from thinking it's me, alone, doing great things.

God can use even fools like us.

I think this may be why we have family, too--to keep us from getting big heads and thinking we're "all that." People who live with us know better.

I have fears about what would happen if I were suddenly incapacitated--someone would come through my office and see all the things I've done not as well as I should, and discover all the things I've left in a mess (literally and figuratively). Someone would find the disasters I've procrastinated at home. Someone would uncover the reality that I don't really have my act together.

And then Paul tells me how he "boasts" of his own "thorn in the flesh"--the thing that keeps him in the reality that he's got, as we would say, "issues."

So my puzzle of the moment is how to accept Paul's invitation to accept--and even celebrate--our own issues and inadequacies. Without becoming complacent about our shortcomings, or sloppy about how we strive to allow God's will to be done, here on earth as in heaven.


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