Thursday, June 01, 2006

summertime psalms

Hey, all:

Here's your big chance to help make worship this summer.

You are invited to interpret a Psalm--in photos, pictures, video, whatever. It can include the words of the Psalm, or just illustrate them. It can include music or not. There's hardly a bad answer.

Here's how I think it can work:
you pick one of the Psalms/Sundays for this summer. let us know, so we can be sure no one else is already doing that one. Then, you put together some kind of artistic expression of that Psalm.

**NOTE: I've added names next to the Psalms that have been "claimed" already. Please pick one of the other ones!**

The options are:
June 11 -Psalm 29

June 18-Psalm 72--Middle School youth

June 25-Psalm 9:9-20

July 2-Psalm 130

July 9-Psalm 48

July 16-Psalm 24--LuAnn

July 23-Psalm 89:20-37--*we'll be at Misson Bay*

July 30-Psalm 14--John I

August 6-Psalm 51:1-12--Dylan

August 13-Psalm 130

August 20-Psalm 111--Sr. High youth

August 27-Psalm 84

It'll be fun. :)

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