Tuesday, May 30, 2006

that wily Spirit

So, this Sunday's Pentecost: the birth of the church. (Happy birthday!)

We get to celebrate the descent of the spirit on the people gathered--it came on Pentecost like tongues of fire.

The Spirit has also been described with other metaphors: in the waters of baptism, as a dove, in the wind.

How do you picture the Spirit?


karen said...

I'm not quite ready to say how I picture the Spirit, partly because I have a multitude of images, but here's something from one of my New Testament textbooks that I found interesting.

The Hebrew word for spirit "ruah" is feminine.

In translation to Greek, the word for spirit became "pneuma," which is gender neutral.

In translation to Latin, the word for spirit became "spiritus," which is masculine.

The earliest concept of the Holy Spirit of God was feminine.

Anonymous said...
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