Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Drop Your Ego, Pick Up Your Cross

Dear Water's Edge Worshipers!

We are coming upon our second Sunday in Lent and I hope you've had time to follow along in the church-wide devotional, The Way of the Cross. This project was so meaningful to experience and my hope is that we can do it every year, with new writers and new perspectives.

This Sunday we'll concentrate on a couple key passages as we follow the way of Jesus' path... the way of the cross... toward Maundy Thursday. A question, perhaps THE question: are you willing to take up His cross and face death in the name of what you believe?

I think "willing" is the key word here. Rev. Molly brought up a point that I had not considered: when Jesus said to his disciples that they needed to be willing to 'take up the cross' and follow Him to death, the "cross" did not mean to them what it means to us. It was not a symbol widely used as a symbol in sanctuaries or on shoulders. The cross was a means of execution. I wonder what ran through the minds of the disciples when He first said that? Surely it would have been a different reaction than what a modern Christian might feel if asked the same question.

And, our children's minister, Miss Beckie, proposed a useful way to get into that mindset... what are you willing to "let die" for Christ? Your ego? Ambition? Can you honestly put yourself "out there" in a position to live the life that Christ described, not fighting for your own self-interest?

Something to ponder, which is perfect for our Lenten journey!

See you soon...

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