Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thy Will, Not Mine... but give me a hint, eh?

Dear Water's Edge Worshippers,

Have you ever been absolutely convinced -- to your core, no doubts -- that you were destined to do something in particular, connect with someone, do something radically different but all you? So powerful it was, that you could feel it in your bones? I have.

I was a TV reporter for 17 years and knew from the moment I walked into the student-run TV station at American University that I was "hard wired" for the craft. But that was then; what about now? Is God calling me to serve? I'm sure He is... or surely I hope He is?

Either way, Why? is it sometimes so difficult to discern God's will for our lives? That's the subject we'll be tackling this week at Water's Edge. This is week #3 of the Adam Hamilton-based, churchwide Why? study. So far, parts 1 & 2 have elicited a lot of thought-provoking discussion in the groups I've attended.The best part about it is that we can all express our thoughts in safety, without fear of rebuke or shunning (unless of course you're rolling your eyes AFTER I leave the room).

This week's scriptures will take us into a discussion of predestiny versus free will. What do you believe? Does God have a set plan for your life, already laid out with twists and turns, good and bad? Or does He have a purposeful plan, with an ending in mind, that allows you the opportunity to make choices (free will) and veer this way and that? If it's the latter, then, does He step in to always help you get back on His track? Or, could you change your entire destiny if you don't follow the plan... such as Marty McFly almost did in Back to the Future? Remember? Marty -- who had time traveled back to his parent's high school days -- ended up having to get his dad to kiss his mom by midnight or it was going to be all over! Goodbye McFly! (The photo above shows his brother disappearing -- his sister is next -- to indicate that time is running out!)

Be sure to appear for this Sunday's discussion!

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