Thursday, June 09, 2011

moved by the spirit

Pentecost is this Sunday. Usually when I think of Pentecost I think of red, or fire, or even Pentecostals and their zealous worship and speaking in tongues. I'm not a huge fan of red, or overly dramatic improvisational dance (it's those mild-mannered Methodist roots...), but the beautiful thing about Pentecost, I'm discovering, is that those are actually outside indicators of something amazing that happens on the inside.

I am finding, through participating with you in worship each week, that there is a large difference between when I try to be in control and when I let the Spirit guide me. Perhaps you can tell also... those times when words come more easily, prayers flow more smoothly, or elements piece together more fluidly. Though there is always careful preparation, I don't take credit for those times when things just seem "right." When those preparations are met with trust in the Spirit, the message communicates more distinctly and easily.

In the story of Pentecost, found in Acts 2:1-21, the notable piece is not that they were capable of speaking new languages without study or practice-- it was that the Spirit allowed them to communicate with those outside their own culture. The Spirit made it possible for their message to be articulated past language barriers to reach new people in more distant places. It's an exciting story about how the Holy Spirit allows us to communicate in our lives if we accept it and let it move us.

I'm looking forward to worship this week when we can explore some creative ways the Spirit breathes into us, blessing us here and now, and empowering us to share the message we've been given.

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