Thursday, March 18, 2010

stepping in

This Sunday will be special: we are baptizing two beautiful babies into the family of the church.

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It's a special joy to get to welcome new people into the family that is the church. We welcome them not only into this congregation, but into the Body of Christ--the church in very time and place.

One of the wildest things about Christianity is its insistence that we are all called and empowered to be like Jesus--that we become Christ's presence in the world, together.

This Sunday's scripture passage is a story in which one of the disciples--Peter--finds himself doing what Jesus does: walking on water. But, then, the reality of the moment overcomes him. He begins to sink.

Jesus accuses him of having little faith--but the wild thing is, he'd never lost faith in Jesus. Peter lost faith in himself--in his own ability to do something that looked crazy and impossible.

This week, as we welcome Honor and Orson in baptism, we remind ourselves that we are called, everyday, to do the crazy and impossible things that Jesus did. To dare to feed hungry people, heal those who are sick and broken, and live as people unafraid of even death.

May it be so.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Molly! You are so very gifted in your role of welcoming all into the Church, the Body of Christ. Thank you for creating this space at the Cove.

gdubs said...

Your efforts are so creative; "the cove" is a real highlight of my life. Thanks Molly!

Anonymous said...

... and as they were baptized at the Cove - a potential healing started where you just came from: Washington DC ... and Mark talked about Revelations - it was a Super Sunday in several ways ... Fred