Thursday, February 25, 2010

come together

The old Cathedral in Coventry England, destroyed by bombing in 1940, is a poignant reminder of the scars of human violece; in the shell of the old cathedral, the stonemason found two charred timbers from the medieval roof forming a cross. They were installed on the altar, and the words "Father Forgive" with inscribed on the wall behind.

Our own relationships bear similar scars. The scripture passage we'll read on Sunday--of a moment where Joseph reveals himself to the brothers who'd sold him into slavery many years previously--is filled with reminders of the pain of brokenness we live with. And the destruction it causes in lives far beyond our own.

But Joseph and his brothers are also a story of hope--of reconciliation and restoration. Of integrating this that had seemed to have disintegrated.

They're an invitation to us to find ways of connecting our lives back together--to God and to our communities.

May it be so.


[I'm sorry to have been away from the blog so long--it's good to be back! We're enjoying Unbinding Your Heart this Lent, and hope you'll read, pray and join in a small group along with us.]


Anonymous said...

... the word reconciliation is powerful when used with Joseph's story - wouldn't it be nice to have it used by our elected leaders before things get too unhealthy !? ... Fred

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your message on Sunday Molly.