Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Way of Living with Good News: rule 1

During the 3 weeks after Christmas, we're going to spend some time thinking about what Christmas means, after the parties are over: at Christmas we celebrate God coming into the world as a human.  Incarnation.

Which is a pretty good thing to celebrate.

But, after that good news has sunk in, we might ask ourselves: so what?

And the answer, I think, is pretty big: a whole new way of living.

At the beginning of the movement that would become the Methodist Church, John Wesley and some of his colleagues wrote some basic rules the would live by.  They centered around 3 simple-enough fundamentals.  

That said that, having received God's gracious love, we're changed.  And, as a result, we live differently.  We should seek to:
do no harm
do good
and stay in love with God.

We'll look at each of those rules during the next 3 weeks of worship.  You can read more about them--and some reflections by our church members--here.

On the 28th, Rev. Elbert will preach, challenging and inviting us to live in ways that do no harm.

Merry Christmas!

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