Friday, June 13, 2008

b team

It's a big Sunday this week: we're celebrating everyone who's graduated this year, giving thanks for volunteers in our church's tutoring programs, and honoring fathers day.

Plus, we'll celebrate resurrection grace (as always).

And, we get this fabulous scripture passage to share, from Matthew, about Jesus sending the disciples out in ministry.  Like a yearbook photo, he gives the list of names.  And one bit I love is that some of them get extra comments--about who their father is, or what they used to do, or what they're going to do.  Crazy thing is, the extra notes don't exactly give great honors to them.  In fact, they bring out the precariousness of the whole thing, reminding us that Matthew was a tax collector (and tax collectors then were a bad scene), and that Judas is going to betray Jesus. 

I'm always heartened to know that Jesus chose and empowered folks besides the shining stars.  He picks the B Team.

All of which is helping me remember and know that God doesn't send some other, got-it-all-together group of people to do the work of the church.  He sends us.

The church is just us. 

And, then, we have the power (through the Holy Spirit, of course) to make change in the church.  

If we're called to be the church, and we've got the ability to help "church" preach what matters most, what would you most want us to say in our words and actions?


Beckett Kirk said...

I think one of the things God would choose for us to have in the church would be similiar to the passage. Recognition of name and face.
It is always nice to say...
hello Molly, Kayleigh, Linda, Lynette, Chuck, whoever. The relationships that are established in and through Christ are blessings that are lasting.
The trick is to remember those people and continually meet new ones.


feminist_mom said...

wow, like that b team concept..... just ordinary folks doing extraordinary things like the Big mission project..... amazing, mom

Lady Ohare said...
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