Wednesday, February 13, 2008

daring hope

This week, we get to share the story of Nicodemus, a religious leader who comes to Jesus (daringly) under the cover of night, to ask questions.

The things Jesus is saying don't make sense, and he wants to know more.  We don't know what motivated him, but we do know he chose a beautiful response: seeking more information.

Of course, Jesus gives him answers that only continue the confusion.  To see the kingdom of God, one most be born anew, of water and the spirit.  Though the idea of being "born again" isn't startling to us, it hadn't acquired the baggage we've heaped on it yet when Jesus said it to Nicodemus.  And it's a crazy idea: finding a new identity, nurtured and blessed as if we had been in the life-giving power of God's own womb.  

Last week, we went with Jesus to the wilderness, and began to thirst with him.  This week, we receive assurance that we are surrounded by the life-giving waters of God.  Though they just might make us new people.

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Anonymous said...

Rev. Molly,

For me,

Your conference is a holy suck!!!

I am sinking into bed in depression without now 2 weeks of the virtual cove blogspot. Waahhh!!!

I have been reading my bible as usual and maybe slightly more. But I am. Big boy and I believe that not all things were made to last forever. So, I can pick myself up and move on, knowing and trusting in God to move me thru.

However, all of this made me wonder. How would I be able to manage without a Bible, without religion. Wow, the endless scenarios. But it must have been a reality for those Jews in the prison camps of Nazi Germany. How horrifying (sp ?) to be with God and with the word your whole life and then to have that book stripped from you, not to mention being put in a camp.
I imagine they found comfort in each others faith through talking among themselves. I hope they grew closer to God.

Anyways, I miss your column and hope it comes back soon. Thank you for all if the comfort you have provided my soul through your writings.