Wednesday, January 16, 2008

a taste of good things

In honor of the Fancy Food Show which is here at our Convention Center this week, I thought I'd muse a bit on tasting tasty things.  
Especially since, as the Union-Tribune reports today, people are willing to buy really good, tasty things, even in a time of economic decline.  This idea intrigues me today, and not just because I also like to eat well...
It seems to me that our Christian vocation requires our choosing a path that is sometimes more sacrifice, but that is richer and more wonderful.  Like really good food, grown and prepared well.
And, the really fabulous part is that the invitation to that rich life comes beautifully--like free samples at a food show, but better.  
In John's gospel reading for this week, people begin to testify about how Jesus is.  (Much like some of us are willing to testify to the greatness of a restaurant we've just tried...only here they're talking about a savior.)  And Jesus invites others along.
"Come and see," he says.
I wish we'd hear this in the church more often.  He doesn't say, "First, get your life in order.  Then, learn to dress and act like we do, sign our statement of belief, conform your life to our ways of doing things and make vows.  Then, maybe after you die, you can experience this life I talk about."
"Come and see," he says.
Much like a chocolatier might offer a tasty morsel, he invites others to try a new, beautiful way of living.

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Anonymous said...

I am hungry!!! I am going to see if Jesus is hanging out at the 24 hour family kitchen restaurant on hotel circle. If I see him I'll let you know. I have a feeling he might not be there, but am hopeful the holy ghost will be.