Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I know I'm a bit of an idealist, but I'm always energized by scripture like this week's passage from Luke. Especially the bits about how we can live in community. Sharing in a commonwealth, if you will. Not just because it's good now, but because it connects us to God. Because it makes us ready for God's kingdom, which is coming at any moment.

(I also like the part about making "purses that don't wear out," because I've been imagining up some handbags I could craft out of recycled cloth. But I think that's missing the point. I digress...)

Certainly, remembering that "where our treasure is, there our hearts will be also" is good self-analysis.

I wonder what you'd learn about my faith by looking at my bank statement. Or credit card bill. Or what a careful analysis of how I spend the hours of my day would tell you about how Jesus has my heart.

I don't mean to get too pushy or uncomfortably confrontational. We're not supposed to talk about money, I know.

But I have this sense--this dream--that thinking and talking about these things more clearly might free us from a lot of heartache. Might remind us that there's a better, more life-giving way to live than can be purchased with the right level of income.

I read a story in the New York Times this week about millionaries in Silicon Valley who feel like they need to keep working 80-hour weeks because they're not rich enough. Makes you wonder.

Perhaps remembering the things that make our lives rich, the things we share together, might release us from a whole lot of drudgery that is making us miserable.

What makes your life rich?

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Anonymous said...

What makes my life rich?
My family and friends. Yesterday Ed and I drove down to San Diego to meet our new grandniece, Julianna. When my dad was alive this was a regular trip for us. But the I5 between Orange and San Diego can be a real drag.
Then yesterday I remembered why we even bother. The Water's Edge service always inspires. God being upset with us and how Isaiah talks about this helped me think about what really makes my life rich.
A little baby makes my life rich. She is so new and helpless--and demanding! I appreciate her mother and father more and especially her grandmother, my sister Karen. She makes my life rich.