Tuesday, August 25, 2009

love song for God

This week's texts might seem pretty far from each other: love poetry from Song of Solomon and a story of Jesus challenging the Pharisees and calling them out on hypocrisies.

But really, perhaps, they're not so disconnected. See if you agree:
The love poetry gives voice to what it's like to be caught up in the ecstatic joy of God's amazing love. It's an experience that's really indescribable--as incredible as the fresh beauty of springtime flowers.

When we forget this enchantment--when we lose the life-giving joy of our faith--it's easy to fall back on the lifeless forms of rigid, empty rules. And get all caught up in how other people are breaking them. How other people aren't doing the right things.

Jesus challenges the Pharisees: it's"the things that come out of you are what defiles."

Back in the springtime love poetry, all that comes out are words of love, grace and beauty.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Do it

Hey, everyone: it's good to be back. I've been blessed by 8 weeks of leave for spiritual renewal, and they've been rich. (See above.) I've heard bits and pieces about beautiful and inspiring things that have been going on during this time, and I look forward to hearing more. Thanks to everyone, especially the folks who stepped into new and greater leadership in my absence.

This Sunday, we have a special treat: our youth, who've been preparing for this all summer, are leading worship. The texts they've chosen are Luke 15:8-10, about a widow who loses and then finds something important, and James 1:17-27, which (among other things) invites us to be "doers of the word," not just folks who hear the word.

I'm looking forward to what worship will contain: the youth have been "doing" their faith this summer, at camps and on work trips and elsewhere, and now they're ready to share testimony about it.

I hope you'll be there with us, to worship together and share God's grace in communion.


In other news, we started a new Water's Edge Facebook group. You can join us there, too... Jerry even posted Lollo's videos of our Music Team. It's all very cool.